Attention: Are You Constantly Overwhelmed By Negative Self Talk And A Defeatist Mindset?

Welcome to the 5-Day
​​​​​​​Mindset Reset Challenge

I’m so happy that you’ve made the decision to ditch the overwhelm and negativity and experience the amazing life-changing effects of shifting your mindset. 

Your mindset matters because your entire experience of your life — everything that you will ever do, have or accomplish — depends on what’s going on inside your own head. If you want to see a different story outside of you, then you have to start with the things you’re telling yourself on the inside.

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.

The hardest part of our journey over the next five days is this; up until now, we’ve all been effectively brainwashed into believing all sorts of false things about the world and our place in it. 

The most life-transforming thing you will ever realize is just how powerful you really are. You really can do anything you set your mind to... and this is why your mindset matters so much. So let’s do this!

​​​​​​​Here’s how the 5-Day Mindset Reset Challenge will work...

You will receive an email from me each day for the next 5 days with important tips and info on how to shift your mindset from a pattern of negativity to one of light and joy. You’ll also get a handout to open that you can download, print or save to your desktop.

Through this process of daily mini 'exercises', you will discover how to become aware of your negative thought patterns and alter them to set yourself up for more happiness, freedom and joy.

Your challenge starts tomorrow, so take some time now to set an intention to change your mindset for the better.
​​​​​​​CLICK HERE​​​​​​​ to open your first handout to learn more about why shifting your mindset matters so much.​​​​​​​ 

Remember, even though tomorrow you will get the email and handout for Day 1 of the Mindset Challenge, you can create a file and save the emails and handouts and start (or re-do) the challenge whenever you are want to. 

In fact, I highly recommend that you create a file on your computer to save the handouts and if your email program allows you to tag emails, go ahead and create a colorful tag for all the emails in this series. That way you can go back any time and revisit all the useful tips and strategies to shift your mindset from negativity to joy. 

You’ll also have access to me if you have any questions or insights you want to share. Feel free to contact me through our Points of Origin contact page or email me directly at 

When you make it to the end of the 5 Days, reward yourself! Schedule a self care afternoon or choose a treat to help you stay motivated so you continue to incorporate daily mindset work. A  great way to celebrate is to pick up a new adult coloring book and a pack of colorful pencils. Or attend a local meditation, yoga, tai chi or qigong class. Or my favorite… schedule an acupuncture treatment for yourself. (Come on, you knew that was coming!) 

Over the next 5 days you’ll be doing important work to make a significant shift in your mindset and in your life and I’m so glad you’ve decided to make this commitment!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Best regards,

Lisa Hanfileti, LAc

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